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Saturday, August 5 2017 - Team Canada in Italy for World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships
For the second weekend in a row, team Canada is in Premana, Italy for an international mountain running competition. This weekend it's the 14th World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships.

Last weekend, team Canada had a solid performance at the World Mountain Running Championships, with two tenth place team finishes for the senior women and junior women.

The Canadian women look to continue their success in the long distance championships this weekend.

Shelley Doucet has arrived in Italy only shortly after winning the Francophone Games marathon in the Ivory Coast two weeks ago. Marianne Hogan is running for the Canadian mountain running team for the fourth time in three years, having competed at the World Mountain Running Championships in 2015 and 2016 and in the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships last year. Natalee Peeters and Lisa Heidt qualified for the team with excellent performances at the qualifying race in Vernon, BC in early May.

Matthew Setlack will be racing for Canada for the second weekend in a row. A late addition to the men's team, he elected to compete for Canada after a successful race as top Canadian at the World Mountain Running Championships last weekend. He has the benefit of being familiar with the challenges of the trails in the area. Greg Smith is a seasoned mountain runner with ultra running experience who is based out of the Portland area.

Team Canada is:

Shelley Doucet
Marianne Hogan
Lisa Heidt
Natalee Peeters

Greg Smith
Matthew Setlack

Adrian Lambert
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