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Monday, September 17 2018 - Emily Setlack Leads Team Canada to Top 10 Finish at World Championships
Emily Setlack powered to an impressive 11th place finish in the World Mountain Running Championships to lead the Canadian senior women's team to a 9th place finish. Emily's finish just outside the top 10 is the second best performance of a Canadian at a World Mountain Running Championship/Trophy and the best since Valerie Chowaniec's 9th place finish in 2001. Team Canada had top performances from both their veterans and rookies as Emma Cook-Clarke (36th) and Adele Blaise-Sohnius (47th) helped secure the Canadian team their top 10 finish. Emma is a relative newcomer to the sport and is only in her first full season as a mountain runner. Adele, on the other hand, is competing in her fourth straight World Mountain Running Championships for Canada. Colleen Wilson (63rd) struggled with altitude early in the race and will have to wait until her next race to match her 3rd place performance in the 2017 NACAC Mountain Running Championships.

Kris Swanson (55th) used his mountain running experience to lead the Canadian senior men's team to a 17th place finish. Matt Setlack (58th) finished mere seconds behind Kris and the two ran the final hill in sight of each other. Gareth Hadfield (76th) improved six spots from his finish in the 2017 Championships and rounded out the scoring for the Canadian team. Canadian Champion Karl Augsten (87th) did not have his best day, but finished well within the top 100.

Nicolas Courtois (61st) was the top Canadian junior man in his first international running competition. Olivier Garneau (64th) was also running for Canada for the first time, but struggled with a cold on race day.

Melina Stokes (55th) did an excellent job representing the Canadian junior women's team.

Photos from the event are available on the Canadian Mountain Running team's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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Monday, September 17 2018 - Emily Setlack Leads Team Canada to Top 10 Finish at World Championships
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