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Tuesday, December 18 2007 - Mountain runners wanted for NACAC Championships
The CTMRA is looking for 6 runners (3 senior men, 3 senior women) to make up our team for the 2008 NACAC mountain running championships  on June 15th, 2008, in Tepatitlan, Jalisco, Mexico. The 13 km uphill race will feature top mountain runners from Mexico, the USA and Canada. Accommodation and meals will be provided by the LOC. We are pursuing funding for travel, but for the moment athletes will be responsible for their own flights.

Interested athletes should send a resume of their racing experience to by Friday, February 29th, 2008. The team will be announced on Monday, March 31st, 2008.

Selection will be based on the road race standards (as a minimum) posted here, with an emphasis on races 10k and longer, international mountain running experience, and general trail running experience. We will endeavour to select athletes who are planning to run the Canadian championships at the Peak Challenge, and qualify for the WMRT in Sierre/Crans-Montana, Switzerland.

The selection committee will consist of John Lofranco, CTMRA President; James Clampett, CTMRA Treasurer; Phil Villeneuve, CTMRA Vice-President, Eric Langhjelm, Race Director, Peak Challenge; and Thelma Wright, Cross-country coordinator, Athletics Canada.
Wednesday, December 12 2007 - Canadian Mountain Running Championships/Peak Challenge Qualifying Procedures
This year, the CTMRA championships and WMRT qualifying will take place at the Peak Challenge, at Mt. Seymour, BC, on July 19, 2008. You can find the race info and link to the race site on our calendar, or directly here.

The qualifying standards for the Championship event at Mt. Seymore are as follows:

1. Top ten overall Canadian or
2. Top three Canadian in any age group at any race in the following series, or
individual races in 2008:

5 peaks
Seek the Peak
Reach the Peak Snowshoe Ascent
Mount Washington Road Race

We are looking to add more race series to the list, so check back often.

3. Meeting the road race qualifying standards (results from 2008 sanctioned road races only):

5k 19:30
8k: 32:30
10k 41:00
Half marathon: 1:30

5k 16:30
8k 27:00
10k 34:00
Half marathon: 1:16

4. At the discretion of the race director (for triathletes, orienteerers, skiiers, marathoners, injuries).

Qualification for the WMRT will be based on the results from the Canadian Mountain Running Championships/Peak Challenge. It will most likely be a straight qualifier, with one at-large spot per team for injuries/executive discretion. There will be 6 senior men and 4 senior women selected. Junior criteria will be announced at a later date. NACAC championships criteria will also be announced shortly.
Friday, September 4 2020 - Canadian Long Distance Mountain Running Championships still on!
Friday, September 4 2020 - World Mountain Running Championships Cancelled
Tuesday, June 30 2020 - Selection Criteria and Worlds Updates - Applications Remain Open
Thursday, May 21 2020 - Impact of COVID-19 on Mountain Running Races
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