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Wednesday, September 13 2002 - The streaks are over.

Jonathan Wyatt of New Zealand lost the uphill race for the first time in 6 tries to Rolando Ortiz, a Colombian. Wyatt was attacked by wild dogs on Friday, but he refused to use it as an excuse. It came down to a great kick. The Eritrean team beat Italy in the senior men's race, the only team ever to do so. Andrea Mayr of Austria won the women’s race, and Nicole Hunt and Rachel Dobbs lead the American women to their first ever team title.

It was a great and exciting year for mountain running. There were 36 countries participating, and medalists from all five continents. Mountain and trail running is the fastest growing sport in the world right now, with more than 40million participants.

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Wednesday, September 13 2002 - Canada takes on the world in Turkey at the 22nd World Mountain Running Trophy

Canada sent ten athletes to compete against the best mountain runners in the world in the all-uphill World Mountain Running Trophy in Bursa, Turkey.

The best result for the Canadians came from Shaun Stephens-Whale, who was 41st in the 8k junior men's race, and was 7th out of runners his age or younger. With two more years of junior eligibility, Shaun is a potential world champion!

Stefan Jacobson had the best race  for the Canadian senior men, finishing 60th in the 12k test. Morgan Titus was 93rd, Jason Loutitt was 110th, Simon Driver was 120th and John Lofranco was 122nd in a field of 147 runners. As a team Canada finished 21st out of 26 nations.

The Canadian women finished 14th out of 19 teams over 8k. Katrina Driver was 56th, Amy Golumbia 61st, Shannon Elmer 73rd and Michelle Cormier 76th.

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