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1. 2020 Canadian Mountain Running Team Selection Criteria
2. 2020 CMRA Membership Form
Canadian Long Distance Mountain Running Championships still on!
Friday, September 4 2020
The World Long Distance Championships may be cancelled, but the Canadian Long Distance Mountain Running Championships are set for October 11, 2020, in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec!

Head over to the Quebec Mega Trail website for all the information and to register!
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World Mountain Running Championships Cancelled
Friday, September 4 2020
Regrettably, the 2020 World Mountain and the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships have been cancelled.

As from the World Mountain Running website, WMRA president Jonathan Wyatt said: "It is of course a difficult thing to take away the World Championships this year but in the end the decision to do it was not difficult. We have to make sure that our sports event does not contribute to any sort of worsening of the global pandemic we are facing and we have not seen a big enough improvement to take away these doubts. Therefore, together with our friends in the organisation team (Arista events), the local Haria government on Lanzarote and the Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) we have decided that this is the best action to take.

Read the whole announcement on the WMRA website

If you are craving racing, though, remember that the Canadian Long Distance Championships are still being held, in conjunction with Quebec Mega Trail, is still happening, October 11!
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Selection Criteria and Worlds Updates - Applications Remain Open
Tuesday, June 30 2020
This is an update about the status of the World Mountain Running Championships (Classic and Long Distance) and the Canadian selection criteria.

There is still a lot up in the air due to Covid19. It is not clear whether the World Mountain Running Championships and World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships will go ahead this year. They have not been cancelled yet, but other major races in November have already been cancelled, including the New York Marathon. Even if travel restrictions are lifted, rules such as prohibitions against large gatherings and mandatory quarantines after international travel could make the logistics of the event extremely difficult.

If the World Championships do go ahead, the selection for the World Championships will be based on race results from 2019 and 2020. We would also consider older results (pre-2019) if those demonstrate that you have previously competed at a high-level in cross-country and track and field.

There will be no formal selection race for the classic distance. There will be one selection spot available to the winner of the Canadian Long Distance Mountain Running Championships at the Quebec Mega Trail race in October. Otherwise, all selection spots will be 'at-large' and based on applications.

Applications are currently open and we have not set an application deadline. The application deadline, once it is set, will be announced on our website, Facebook page and Instagram page.
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Impact of COVID-19 on Mountain Running Races
Thursday, May 21 2020

Unsurprisingly, the Coronavirus has affected this year’s scheduled mountain running races.

Both the NACAC and Canadian Mountain Running championships set to be held at the Golden Mountain Challenge in Golden, BC have been cancelled.

The Quebec Mega Trail in Mont Saint-Anne, Quebec has been postponed until October 11, 2020, and will remain as the Canadian Long Distance Mountain Running Championships.


World Championships Selections

At present, the World Mountain Running Association still intends to organize the World Mountain Running Championships in Lanzarote, Spain, on November 12-14.

We will be updating the selection criteria in light of the domestic race cancellations so that we can select a team assuming the World Championships will still go ahead.

Given that the rescheduled date of Canadian Long Distance Championships (Quebec Mega Trail) race is quite close to the World Championships, we are discussing whether it will still be a full selection race. However, the top woman and top man from this race will still be automatically selected for the World Championships.

As we all know, the Coronavirus situation is a constantly changing one and we will try to continually keep everyone updated as the situation evolves.

For now, we hope everyone stays safe and are still able to run up a big hill everyone now and then!

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Welcome! The Canadian Mountain Running Association is happy to welcome you to our website. Our goals are to create a highly competitive national team program, and to develop the sport by cultivating relationships at the recreational level with trail race series across the nation.

We are currently seeking major corporate sponsorship to support our National Team program and increase the level of performance of Canadian teams at the World Mountain Running Championships. World Athletics is a Patron of the World Mountain Running Association (WMRA), to whom it delegates the control of our branch of athletics. The CMRA is similarly patronized b...

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